Office Relocations Perth

Corporate relocations require a lot of attention to detail. The bulky office equipment, the unfathomable amount of office supplies, and the incredible amount of paperwork make moving an office a complex task.

However, with Giraffe removals Perth, office relocation can be made easy. Our relocation services are suited for all types of clientele. From government departments, architectural offices, banks, and hospitals, to art galleries, and colleges, corporate relocation has never been this simple.

Office Relocation Process

We start with visiting the relocation site first to understand the site’s needs. This is important as it allows us to assess the possible storage requirements for items that may not fit in the new location. We help you make a complete checklist of tasks before the final relocation. Since most worksites involve a lot of rubbish and paperwork, it is important to clear them before relocating. At Giraffe Removals, our office relocation services are extended to aid you in rubbish disposal and complete document destruction as well. When destroying documents, the client’s privacy is paramount.

All of your office equipment, including the electrical equipment is handled with care during relocation. Our relocation services will make sure that computers and printers are handled by expert staff with knowledge of how to disconnect the systems.

Giraffe removals offer a complete package for office relocations; from labeling, loading and unloading important documents to shifting heavy, awkward and delicate items through multilevel buildings.

Contact Giraffe removals today on (08) 9317 7877 and plan a tailor-made move for your business.