Packing Services Perth

Packing is by far the least enjoyable process when it comes to moving house. With Giraffe Removals, packing boxes and getting quality packing materials is easy.

Our packing supplies are aimed to meet the different needs of our wide client base. For instance, if the client has a large number of glass or breakable items such as televisions or computers, we offer layers of bubble wrap and special crates for added support. Further, while dealing with office supplies, our sturdy crates will ensure the safe keeping of heavy books, paper work and other bulky office supplies. We are fully equipped to move libraries as well.

Systematic Packing & Labelling

Our wide variety of packing materials exceed industry standards and are priced competitively. More than simply packaging our customer goods in right packing boxes, we make sure that the entire process of packing boxes for moving is done systematically. Starting from packing the bulkier, larger stuff to the final smaller, miscellaneous items, nothing is missed.

We also help with identification by properly labelling and tagging any boxes before loading them into the transportation vehicles. This helps the clients to identify the boxes with specific contents and unpack as desired at their new relocation site. If needed, we can also help with the unpacking once we’ve moved all of your belongings to the new location.

That’s where Giraffe Removals come in. Let us worry about the breakables and the boxes; with Giraffe Removals everything is taken care of.