Removalists Perth

The moment you think of moving, you tense up; the hours of packing items, wrapping breakables in newspaper, and playing a seemingly never-ending game of Tetris to fit everything you own in various boxes. That’s just the beginning. From there you have to organise logistics of everything you’ve packed and find a solution to the fridge or lounge that doesn’t quite fit in your trailer. More often than not it becomes a full family effort, usually ending in confrontation.

Nobody wants, or needs that much stress in their lives.

That’s where Giraffe Removals, the best removalists in Perth come in. Let us worry about the breakables, the boxes, and that irritating lounge that still won’t fit in the trailer even though you’ve packed and unpacked it again forty-three and a half times.

Our Removal Services

perth removalistWe have built our reputation on the back of decades of high quality removals and have earned impressive feedback from all our clients. We perform complete home and office relocation services including packing, unpacking, and storage in times when you realise just how many belongings you had that you swear were invisible in the old house. (Don’t forget to take into consideration items you may have stored in the roof cavity or hung off the garage walls) As house movers, we take pride in our services and ensure that every one of your belongings are treated with care. With decades of experience in removals throughout Perth, we have accumulated enough supplies, manpower, equipment and vehicles to make your relocation simple, easy, and stress free.

Our packing is done using materials suitable for the items packed ensuring your breakables remain breakables, and not just simply broken. We professionally wrap pictures, collectables, delicate items, furniture, televisions and more. We even assist you in the assembly and disassembly of your furniture.

We also extend the same care when relocating office equipment and office furniture; all electronic items are shifted with special attention. At Giraffe Removals Perth, we start by visiting your office location and asses your storage space. We always ensure that you don’t fall short of any space before we make the final relocation.

We ship furniture to any part of the country, our rates are competitive, and our insurance covers all breakable items; not that we’ve ever needed it. Make a move for Giraffe Removals Perth. We’ll work out where to fit that lounge, while you sit back and relax.