Authentic Company for Moving or Relocating Office in Perth

moving company perthThe Extensive engagement for several years in office relocation within Perth has enabled Giraffe Removals to a level where we can satisfy your whole list of demands in office moves of all shapes and sizes.

It does not matter how big or small is your schedule, equipment, and budget; we cope with all challenges that you may fear from.

Just engage us and see how our professionalism and experience ensures a quick completion of your relocation project in a hassle-free and consoling way.

By choosing Giraffe Removals Perth, you are guaranteed professionalism and experience making sure your business is up and running as quickly as possible, while minimising downtime. Office moves come in all shapes and sizes. Schedules, budgets, equipment and other challenges differ dramatically from one move to the next.


How We Proceed?

Giraffe Removals staff is very organized when it comes to office furniture relocation. The foremost aim before every relocation project is to create a master-plan, so we start by visiting your old and new office locations. Creating a list of all potential obstacles and challenges that your moving project presents is our next goal. At this stage, our team-work helps in elaboration of each stage of the move and we make sure the transfer completes successfully and without causing any harm to your office inventory.

We take everything into account whether it is packaging, labeling, loading, transporting unloading or reopening of your items. Thus our approach for shifting heavy, awkward and delicate items changes according to the situation.

Top Advantages of Engaging Giraffe Removals Perth:

We conduct multiple brainstorming sessions to complete relocation within budget and time limit. You get access to the whole documentation covering Office Relocation Plan, Infrastructure and Equipment Requirements, Old Appliances’ Shipment, Quotation for Entire Procedure, etc. These are other advantages of our service.

– Highly Trained, Well-Experienced and Motivated Staff that cares for everything on its own.
– No disorganization in your day-to-day office activity during the whole office relocation.
– No hassle on your employees and management to monitor anything, so they concentrate on their routine work only.
– Shipment of equipment in state-of-the-art carriage trucks that ensure full safety of equipment
– Multiple options regarding choice of truck with respect to size of your project.

And best of all that we have organized a team of honest office relocation experts who consider customer’s satisfaction as the most important professional value and do everything for achieving it.

Why Us?

Generally all office relocations will benefit from a site visit. This will enable us to have a unique understanding of the potential challenges and obstacles that your moving project may present, we can plan your office furniture and equipment removal based on first hand knowledge of the site taking into account your requirements, health and safety obligations, access points etc. Giraffe Removals Perth offer a complete package for office relocations; from labeling, loading and unloading important documents to shifting heavy, awkward and delicate items multi level.

If you are planning to move your office and need a removal service that can tailor-make a move based on the profile of your business, do not hesitate to contact Giraffe Removals Perth today on 0435 443 533 or email